Path Shorts

Path Shorts

God, I love my Path shorts. They are workout shorts without all the stupid stuff, but with thoughtful things you need but didn't realize you needed.

For example, they have two zippered sidepockets—they call them "hand pockets", but your hand won't fit in them, so I don't know what that means, but that's fine— for storing energy gels, keys, or whatever, plus a nicely-sized zippered back pocket into which my phone fits. Granted, if you have one of those ridiculous, ping-pong-table-sized oversized phones then this will be of no use to you. But you shouldn't be running with one of those phones anyway, given the air resistance. I kid, kinda.

Anyway, the shorts. They come in all sorts of colors—fine, five—and are tough as fk. I've fallen down many things that ruined lesser shorts, and my Part shorts have survived all of those unfortunate events. Fine, I have paint stains on one pair, but that's more of an authenticity thing than actual damage.

Now, the tough part. Inseam length. This is more of a problem for men than women, obviously. While Path has shorts with anything from a scandalous 3-inch inseam to a yo-bro 9-inch, their Sykes running shorts (my favorites) come only in 5-inch or 7-inch. I used to only use the 7-inch ones, but I was informed that was "a Dad length", so I went shorter. I'm still not totally comfortable with my decision, but you have to do what you have to do.

Anyway, Path Project shorts. Get them with a liner. Get more than one pair. I have four. They're great.

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