SimplaVida is about smart services and tools for simplifying longevity. Its co-founders are Dr. Paul Kedrosky and Howard Luks M.D.

Dr. Paul Kedrosky

Paul is an investor, academic, writer, and researcher with a deep interest in the real world of health & fitness outside of bro science and influencers. Like Howard, he believes deeply in the merits of simplification, especially in doing health & fitness things that matter and ignoring the rest of the noise. Paul is also a competitive trail runner. As a result, he is frequently injured, having made every mistake you can imagine. While Paul is a doctor, he is not (as one of his family members likes to remind him) the useful kind.

Howard Luks, M.D.

Howard is a top sports orthopedic surgeon who has written extensively on all aspects of health, fitness, and longevity. He has a popular blog, a bestselling book on simplifying longevity, and a large and engaged social media following. Howard is passionate about helping people live their best lives, absent from complexity,and complications. Howard is an active runner, rucker, and hiker. To his credit, he is injured much less often than Paul is.

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