OpenRun Shokz Pro

OpenRun Shokz Pro

I have a fiercely ambivalent relationship with headphones. On one level, I hate them and think they're sociopathic, isolating, and dangerous. Just get out and enjoy nature or whatever.

But, but, but ... on the other hand, I get that people want more to do than run or bike or anything else, when they run or bike or do anything else. For my part, I mostly listen to audiobooks, but go with what works for you. But I get it: going for a run is easier for many people—me too—if you feel like you're going for a read, I often argue. So, get some headphones.

While the white ones from that company in Cupertino are very good, these are much better. Why? In large part because they are open ear "bone conducting", so you can hear everything around you, and still listen to whatever it is you're listening to, from music, to podcasts, to audiobooks, to, I dunno, white noise (you weirdo).


  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight
  • Above-average sound (as bone-conducting headphones go)
  • Ability to hear everything around you and thus have a lower chance of dying


  • The band in the back of the head can get in the way with some hats
  • A lot of people now have them, you feel less special than you once did

OpenRun Shokz Pro

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