This Week on Simplavida

Links to podcasts, posts, and new features releases this week on

This Week on Simplavida
Photo by Behnam Norouzi / Unsplash

Here is our weekly update with the latest on Simplavida, from posts, to podcasts, to new features.


Our latest podcast episode is on Exercising in Heat, a crucial and (sadly) increasingly important topic for anyone trying to stay fit in summer in a warming world. You can find the abridged version here. As usual, premium subscribers get the full episode, plus a complete transcript.


Our latest Paper Watch covers lots of territory. For example, we looked at new papers on energy drinks, in particular their impact on the heart, the effects of long-term exercise on the heart, and the role of aerobic reserves in slowing dementia's progress. You can find it all here.

As usual, we will be back tomorrow with Simplavida Sunday, what we are reading, using, and thinking about. See you then.

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