Podcast: VO2max is Simple! And ... Complicated!

Paul and Howard discuss how V02max is crucial, and widely misunderstood.

Podcast: VO2max is Simple! And ... Complicated!

Here are some of the main topics discussed in our latest podcast. A free preview is below, as well as being available on the podcast service of your choice. Premium subscribers have a private feed via which they get access to the full episode:


The relationship between V02max—your maximum rate of oxygen consumption during physical exertion, adjusted for your weight—and almost all aspects of health, fitness, and longevity are now well understood. It is, in a word, crucial. And we are reasonably good at prescribing exercise "doses" targeting improving your own measure, But what is well understood is how it can all get muddled by outside factors, like air quality. We dive into it all in this episode, trying to help you understand this important (and simple) measure that sometimes goes all ... weird.

This is an abridged episode for free subscribers. The full episode, and a complete transcript, are available for Premium members. You can find out more at simplavida.com

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