Podcast: All the Movements Matter

Paul and Howard discuss why all movements matter, and how you can get out of your own way to do more.

Podcast: All the Movements Matter

Here are the main topics discussed in our latest podcast. Premium subscribers get full episodes and a complete transcript.


In this abridged episode, Paul and Howard discuss the importance of movement. They highlight the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle, some of which come from surprising sources, like increased home-based working. They discuss the psychological and societal factors that discourage people from moving, such as reliance on elevators and modern convenience tools. The hosts emphasize the significance of incorporating regular movement into daily routines, suggesting practical strategies like scheduling walks and making mundane tasks require more physical effort. They also touch on the fitness tracking culture and the pressures from platforms like Strava and how it can work against fitness. The episode wraps up with ideas on developing consistent movement habits to counteract the widespread tendency towards inactivity.

00:00 Introduction: The Importance of Movement
00:12 Fixation on Distance and Pace
01:05 Misunderstanding Movement
02:41 The Influence of Social Media and Strava
05:04 Work from Home and Sedentary Lifestyles
09:56 Encouraging Movement in Daily Life

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