Knee Mysteries, and How ACL Repair is Changing

ACL repair is changing, with new methods, and new ideas about repair vs leaving it alone. Here is what you need to know.

Knee Mysteries, and How ACL Repair is Changing

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Here is an overview of the topics:

In this free preview, Paul and Howard start with Howard's recent viral tweet about ACL surgery and the discussions it sparked. They get into knee anatomy, focusing on the function and importance of the ACL. They discuss the prevalence of ACL injuries, the debates surrounding the necessity of ACL reconstruction, and why some patients may not need surgery at all. The conversation highlights the differences in medical practices between countries, the role of physical therapy, and the emerging Cross Brace Protocol that allows ACLs to heal without surgery. Howard shares insights from his career as a knee and shoulder surgeon, emphasizing the need for a patient-specific approach rather than routine surgeries. The episode is a deep dive into the complexities and controversies of ACL injuries and treatments.

00:00 Introduction to ACL and Knee Anatomy
01:56 The Complexity of ACL Reconstruction
04:09 Controversies in ACL Treatment
05:02 Physiological and Anatomical Insights
10:16 Personal Anecdotes and Real-Life Examples
12:25 Surgical Decisions and Systemic Issues
20:12 Summary and Final Thoughts

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