Podcast: Hey, I'm Injured. FFS. Now What?

Paul and Howard discuss his recent calf injury, how it happened, why it's so common, and how he'll know he can return to exercise.

Podcast: Hey, I'm Injured. FFS. Now What?

Here are some of the main topics discussed in our latest podcast. For this episode only, the full episode is below, as well as being available on the podcast service of your choice. There is also a transcript—which premium subscribers get for every episode—and you can find it here.


We train for life, we try to keep it simple, and we avoid doing silly things, but sometimes we still get injured. In this episode Paul and Howard talk about Howard's recent calf injury, how it happened, whether it means his training isn't work, and what he's going to do about it. 

Topics discussed:

  • How Howard tore his calf muscle
  • Chronic vs acute injuries
  • How he'll know when it's safe to return to running
  • Why he got right back in the gym
  • Why fear holds us back

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