Zone 2: The Mechanics (Podcast)

We surveyed our members, and we got lots of great questions, and in this podcast episode we answered as many of them as we could.

Zone 2: The Mechanics (Podcast)

The most frequent questions we get about low-intensity training aren't generally about the benefits. They are about the mechanics, i.e., the gear and the protocols. People want to know: What gear do I need, what workouts should I do, and how do I combine gear and workouts to do this? 

In this episode, we go into all of that in detailโ€”in a simple way. You don't need to think so hard: Just get on with things. Get your heart rate up regularly, at least to the point where you can't speak in pages, and the benefits will come. But it doesn't need to stop there, and we provide detailed notes about to take it a lot further and get maximum benefit, simply.

Note: This free version is an abridged text-to-podcast episode using the latest AI technologies, and based on our latest report. For the full episode, or to read this or or any other report, subscribe at

Here, to give you a flavor, is that free excerpt:

A few of the topics discussed:

  • The trouble with maximum heart rate
  • Assessing aerobic threshold and lactate threshold
  • Doing a drift test
  • Why you need a heart rate monitor
  • Why you need to put in more than 150-minute
  • And lots more

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