Simplavida Sunday: What We Are Reading, Watching, and Using

What we are reading, watching, and using


Our podcast pick of the week is Eric Topol's discussion with Euan Ashley from Stanford Medicine. As Ashely says, exercise may be the "single most potent medical intervention ever known". It is a great and meaty discussion. Our sole objection is the drift part-way through into precision training which is, for most non-elite athletes, a waste of time and money. The rest of the episode is, however, terrific.


Paul just finished reading Raymond Chandler's classic noir, The Lady in the Lake. While perhaps not as twistedly plotted as the writer's The Big Sleep—Chandler was allegedly once asked by the film's director who killed someone in one scene, and Chandler didn't know—it is a close call. It is classic Chandler.


The song of the week is Billie Eilish's vaguely cannibalistic Lunch, about calorie loading before training ... Wait, it's not about food at all, per se? Oh, I see. My misunderstanding. Well, it's still catchy.


Gear of the week is On's lightweight running shorts. I may not be a fan of their shoes, but their shorts have entered my rotation alongside Path Projects. Highly recommended: lightweight, functional, breathable, etc. Just make sure you check sizes, because there is no drawstring and you better have the right size. And don't ask me about the fake fly.

Back next week with another edition

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