Simplavida AI

Simplavida AI

We are launching various AI services over the next few months. A few important points about an area we think is important and also misunderstood:

  1. These are resource-intensive services, so they will only be available to users on our paid plans.
  2. AI services are, in the current incarnations easily made to hallucinate. We have tried to constrain the domains in which we have trained, in an effort to limit that, but ... LLMs are going to LLM.
  3. The services are early preview and changing quickly, so things may break. If they do break, however, let us know via the Contact form.
  4. These AI services will eventually move to our higher membership tiers, but anyone who joins now at the Bronze tier will continue to have access.

You can subscribe now to find out when we launch new services. We will have announcements here on the site, as well as on social media.


An LLM-based chatbot, trained on the latest thinking in sports medicine and wellness. You can find it here, plus the associated launch post. There is also an FAQ associated with svGPT that you should be sure to read.

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