Does svGPT replace my doctor?

No. No, no, no. Not only does svGPT not replace your doctor, but important disclaimers and cautions apply:

  1. No doctor-patient relationship is created. You are chatting with a computer, not an actual physician, in case you need to be reminded.
  2. While trained on millions of words of recent and credible research and clinical data, LLMs are prone to unpredictable hallucinations, thus making any interaction for information purposes only.
  3. Never begin or modify a physical fitness or health program without a clean bill of health from your physician.
  4. Consult your physician, not an AI chatbot, if you have an acute or chronic problem about which you have questions.
  5. This is an experiment, and while it will improve and change over time, things can go wrong. Let us know if something breaks.

Are my conversations with svGPT private?

We only use member information initially to establish that you are a paying user. Neither your member status nor any identifying information is tied to any queries beyond establishing that you are authorized. We can, however, see anonymized queries which we use to improve the service as is common practice with search engines.

Is svGPT reliable?

It is as trustworthy as other LLMs, which is to say ... it's early-stage technology, prone to hallucinations. It should not be relied upon as definitive, and everything it says should be double-checked with independent sources.

What is a large language model (LLM)?

A large language model (LLM) is a recent development in artificial intelligence that makes it possible for computer systems to be trained on large amounts of textual dataโ€”from research papers, to books, to blog posts, and moreโ€”and then answer questions about that data.

What data is svGPT trained on?

Millions of words of carefully filtered information in sports medicine, wellness, nutrition, and general fitness. All of this is either unique to us or open access, and we have curated it to make it the best and most useful of its kind. It will also become smarter over time, as new information is added.

What kinds of questions can I ask svGPT?

Pretty much anything in health, fitness, and wellness. For example:

  • What are the merits of a low-carb diet?
  • Why does my knee hurt?
  • How much do I need to exercise per week?
  • Do steps really matter for fitness?
  • Will running make my arthritis worse?

Why is this for paid members only?

Large language models are resource-intensive, and that costs money. To continue to provide the service we need to recoup the costs involved.

Will svGPT stay at the Bronze level of membership?

Our AI services may eventually move to higher membership tiers. We are still investigating and assessing costs. For now, however, while we are previewing the service, it will be available at the Bronze level. Anyone who subscribes now will be able to continue to use the service at Bronze prices.

Are there any limits to my svGPT use?

We are monitoring usage closely in the early days, and there are daily limits, which we hope people won't reach. Having said that, we are trying to make sure it stays up and isn't overloaded, so if there are load issues we will change our approach.

Can't I just do this in ChatGPT?

Sure, or in Google. But it's not the same. Not even close. Both Google and ChatGPT are like massive databases of content, not curated, even if they try to algorithmically deal with the problem. Instead, svGPT is designed to contain the most useful insights from high-quality sources, and it will get better quickly, unlikely giant large language models or search engines.

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